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You Are An Offspring Of A Ghanian Prostitute – Yemi Itodo Replies Fred Kole.



You are an offspring of a Ghanian Prostitute -Yemi Itodo replies Fred Kole

By David AKOR & Linda EJE

An Abuja based Public Relations Expert and Media Consultant, Prince Yemi Itodo has bombarded one Mr. Fred Kole from Ghana, challenging him to disclose his true identity and nationality.

The Idoma born Ace Journalist dropped this bombshell in his Abuja residence on Friday in an exclusive interview with Daybreak crew in his reaction to an open letter addressed to him by Mr. Kole.

Mr. Yemi Itodo had earlier come under strong attack by Fred Kole who described him as a “social media rat” working for the former Senate President, David Mark.

In the open letter, Mr. Kole had challenged Yemi Itodo to disclose his origin as his name suggests someone who is from Yoruba land and as such, has no stake in Idoma politics.

Mr. Yemi Itodo was also accused of feeding on the handouts from Senator Mark, hence, his activities at telling lies and supporting Mark.

On his part, Prince Yemi Itodo said it was Mr. Kole who should rather tell the whole world who his father is.

“I have never seen where a pot is calling a plate black, when it’s obvious that everyone knows the colour of both. Check my profile, everything about Prince Yemi Itodo is there – my full names, my phone number, my address, my state of origin, the name of my village, my marriage, my school, where I work and what have you.

“It will amount to cerebral insomnia or hypernomiasis for such an adult to be using torchlight under hot afternoon, looking for my address that is boldly printed to the readability of a kindergarten.

“Ironically, it is same Fred Kole who has a distorted genealogical chronicle that is a subject of curiosity and it didn’t take me one hour to sum up on my research that he was actually birthed outside wedlock by a Ghanian warmer.

“His originality vis a vis parrtenity I guess, is a subject of litigation and thus, he dares not declare his Nigerian citizenship, even though he was born in Nigeria. The more reason why he is using Ghana as his origin on his Facebook profile.

“It won’t suprise me if Kole, which I doubt is an Idoma name, was part of those who were rusticated from the Federal University of Technology, Minna on cult related offences and had to take cover in Ghana alongside his friends.

“People like Kole doesn’t need to know me because their knowledge of me is inconsequential and impro anto. But my joy is that, there is no village you go in the 102 council wards in Idoma land and even in Tiv land that they don’t know me.

“I don’t only exist on social media, I am a grassroots man and have duly paid my dues to Idomaland. While Kole was busy writing JAMB and/or doing his first year registration at the university and was perhaps, following politcians about as a thug in year 2002; I was already a candidate of a political party, duly nominated to run for an election. That was 14 years ago!

“By now when his mates are in House of Assembly, Reps and some contesting for Senate, Kole is still practising thuggery that he was always known for. Cyber terrorism is worse than Boko Haram and the earlier the government finds solutions to this, the better “, Yemi fumed.

Mr. Itodo who is also the Managing Editor of Daybreak Times and many other newspapers also used the opportunity to call on politicians to as a matter of urgency, curtail the ignoble characters of their supporters as Benue South Senatorial Rerun draws close.

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