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Who Else Wants To Make His Or Herself More Efficient Through Apps?

There are multiple apps one can download that make their life easier. From ordering pizza to event planning, there is almost no end to what a phone can accomplish. Chances are, if users are able to navigate through Facebook or play a game on the phone, they are able to change their own life with just a few apps.


Not everyone carries a notebook or even a loose piece of paper on their person anymore. Yet, almost everyone carries their phone. The best app to substitute is arguably inkpad. Inkpad is terrific because it lets users name their note, edit the note to be a list or paragraph form, allows users to easily share their note and links to an email address to save notes as a backup.


While it may be unbelievable, a phone can also help one clean their house. Handy is an app that is quick and easy to use to order up a professional cleaner. The home cleaning professionals are available in most cities, such as Boston, Chicago, New York and others. The cost is affordable. As an example, it costs only $70 for two hours of work in Boston. Other services can cost as much as $100 an hour for the same service. Professionals can arrive as soon as the next day. Professionals are trained to: dust, wipe down bathrooms and kitchen surfaces, clean mirrors and interior glass, wash floors, empty garbage, and complete laundry. Most people could easily use an additional two hours a week, or more.


There are numerous bills that need paid monthly: car payments, car insurance, home insurance, cell phone, electric, gas, rent just to name a few. Some bank accounts allow users to link bills through an online system to pay. Some companies allow users to pay by phone, app or online. When added up, that may be more than a dozen apps and bills to schedule payments for. Unbill is the one stop place to view multiple if not all bills at once. It also has a nice feature to split bills, if a person has a roommate or shared utilities. It makes arguably the least pleasant task a lot less frustrating.


There are a lot of benefits to powering down not just the phone, but a person’s mind from technology. Stress, anxiety and mental focus can be improved by taking a break from technology. For some, this may be hard to do. Offtime allows users to schedule in advance a break from distracting apps. This allows users to focus and relax. Users can completely customize which apps to turn off, the time the app kicks in and the amount of time needed. For work, school or just at home to relax it is a great tool to take a breath and focus.

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There is a lot of discussion about the busy lifestyles people live, from working mothers to working college students. The best part of the above mentioned apps is that they are available for both iphone and android devices. Flexibility, organization and reliability are sure ways to make life easier and happier.

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