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Top 3 Methods Of Writing Solo Ad Copy The Right Way And Make Money Advertizing Your Offer!

If you want to increase your reach, clicks, leads and make more money even while you are asleep, then you probably need some marketing and traffic.
In fact, to make any kind of sales or income awareness needs to be given to your offer, be it product or service, most especially when growing an online business.classified ad copy solo ads email sales letter blog post content review seo article writer solo email solo ads 1

Your main goal is to provide something that the customer is missing and put it to their reach as well, but how can you get what you have to offer in front of those that are seeking you?

Well, don’t worry. You are not alone…

You are about to discover what you need and most importantly, the real information that if followed properly will get you profitable results.

Lets face it, so many ads are being sent to people’s inbox at times per nano seconds, hourly or daily. That makes it difficult or selective in opening some mails. To ensure that they open your ads you must write something that catches attention and relevant to the receiver.

So first thing first,

1. SUBJECT LINE: Always write something that will grab their attention because that’s the key to the doorway that leads to opening your ad.
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2. BODY TEXT: Solo ad copy is not a medium where you start bragging about your company’s achievements, how big building complexes you have or how many ingredients are in your products. Many people don’t care about that. in fact, NO one cares!

If you really want to profitable results from your solo ads campaign, then in your copy tell them straight to the point how your offer or product is going to solve their problem i.e. what good your services or products will do for them.
Because whenever people are reading solo ads or emails, they want to know what’s in it for them before they can click the link to see for themselves.

3. CONCLUSION: (Solicit Action) Always remember to including in your solo ad copy what you want the reader to do next. Don’t assume them to click to your link or take action.
Tell them to do it and why they should do it quick.


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