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Top 3 brands of TV-sets

In this post we will look at the largest and most renowned manufacturers of television technology, such as Samsung, LG, Philips and Sony.


Being the largest and most popular TV brand in the world, Samsung offers a wide range of LED LCD TVs with screens ranging from 19 inches up to 105 inches (267 inches diagonally). While Samsung produced several TVs with plasma screen technology, the manufacturer has announced the imminent completion of the production of these products.

Together with HDTV Samsung produces also 4K or Ultra-HDmodels. The company possesses advanced technology in the area of Smart TV and has one of the most powerful and easy-to-use platforms.


Samsung TVs perfectly show themselves. Samsung offers excellent image quality and a large selection of different functions.


LG is a second monster in television market. In recent years, LG has been able to reduce the gap between the number one company by making a decisive step to improve design and quality of their products. For some time in 2013, LG even managed to outpace the Samsung Company.


LG also offers an impressive range of HD TVs, including LED LCD TVs and plasma display panels. In the same way as its main competitor, LG produces 4K Ultra HD TVs, which at 4 times exceed the resolution of HD TVs. LG is also ahead of other players in the market with a new type of screen production technology called OLED.


The Japanese brand Sony slashed the production and the choice of television technology in recent years. You can still find models ranging from 32 inches LED LCD and flagship premium versions of so-called Smart TV. Sony also has 4K and Ultra HDmodels in several sizes up to 84 inches in its arsenal.

SONY TVJapanese brand is known for ability to combine the style and quality of its products.


Hard times at the global television market prompted Royal Dutch Philips Electronics to separate its television unit in a joint venture with Chinese manufacturer of televisions TPV Technology. Several series of new products under Philips brand were launched, from small TVs to special design versions and models with large screens.


The distinctive feature of Philips, starting with the medium price segment models, is the availability of built-in Ambilight: two, three and four sided. Situated on the edges of the back surface of the TV special lamps emit the light, which is a visual complement to light of the image on the screen. Thus it visually “widens” the image and according to the manufacturer reduces the strain on the eyes when viewing. Another distinctive feature of Philips is launching the first version of Smart TV with Android OS.

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