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The Easiest Way To Write Solo Ad Copy And Make Cool Money On Fiverr And Its Cousins – The Exact Proven Steps That Rescued Me!

This post is all about the exacts proven steps I discovered online in my journey of searching for how to write a solo ad copy, these steps rescued me after failing woefully with negative feedbacks from clients, offering to blast their solo ads.

Before I continue, I will like to define solo ad copy, solo ads and its importance in my own context.

A solo ad copy in my own simple term is an advertising email copy. WHILE Solo Ads are where you pay to have your email copy sent to someone else’s list.

It gives the owner of the copy the opportunity to put his or her advert in front of thousands and potential hundreds of thousands of people already subscribed to someone else’s list.

It means attention, interest, desire & action. It is a well-known formula, if followed properly you would have a good and highly converting copy ready to be sent out!

Step 1.
Due to several unsolicited emails at any given time, you have to write a Subject line that hooks readers with the first line and make them open your ad, let the first line make them read the second, and so on. You can do this with a hard-hitting headline.

Step 2.
Gain Their “INTEREST
You must clasp the reader’s interest by showing them why they need the product or offer your clients is promoting in which you are writing about.

You have to create a want for that particular offer. Let them know how their life will become easier signing up for that program. Show them what they are missing by not even trying out your clients page.

Step 3.
Create “DESIRE
Now you’ve written what will get the reader’s attention and hooked their interest. Next, you’ve to create a desire.
Tell them how exactly they will benefit from using the, product or signing up. You can list out few benefits, link it to their daily life and how convenient it is for them to join the program or get the product you are writing about and how comfortable life will be for them afterwards.

Step 4.
Solicit “ACTION
This is where you will inform the readers on what to do next? You’ve worked that hard to have gotten their attention, hooked their interest, and created desire.

In fact, if you want more clicks to the page you are promoting, then don’t assume that the readers know what to do next. Tell them exactly what to do next.
Click to see the free presentation video?
Call in asking for more information? Order the product or service? Schedule an appointment?

NOTE: The ideas discussed in this post are only a basic outline I discovered online, I used it and it works for me, methods are endless, though.

I hope you found this post helpful. If you have any questions or comments, please share them below.


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