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The Easiest Way To Import Any Item From Mr. Lee and Rony in Hongkong!

Because of the economy of our dear country, China imports are proving to be a highly profitable for those planning to venture into the importing business in Nigeria. By importing from China sellers, you can save your business considerable sums of money and any money that you save for your business is money in the bank!

And that is the reason I want to share this valuable information with you. But first,

Are you willing to know how to import from Hong Kong China to Nigeria buying from Mr Lee and Rony? If so, this article offers you great step by step information about these Hongkong based Sellers.

Here are their websites => Lee => Lee => Lee => Lee => Rony Rai

Here is how to go about ordering items from any of them

Add them up on WhatsApp,BBM,Viber, Skype or email and they will start sending you products and their prices updates including their website link to the product, follow the link if you like the product, browse the details and other relevant info about that particular product of your interest. When you are satisfied, email or send them a chat about the product or any other item that you might like and they will instantly reply you on how to place an order.

See below for their contact information.

Just add Mr. Lee on Whatsapp +86 189 2651 0678 for products update and for quick reply


here is his BBM PIN: 751847EC
His email addresses are: (general email) (chat with him) (chat with him) (business email)
Skype: leewinstar1

Also, add Mr. Rony Rai on Whatsapp +86 186 6621 3234 or Skype: rony007ch1 for products update and for quick reply or email him at
You can see our email conversation below:

Basil Ita Ekuson email with Rony

In summary, when you chat, received products update or visit any of their websites, browse and pick the product that you want to buy; send them the picture, link or the code of that particular product from their site and without wasting time they will immediately reply you or send you an online invoice in which you will have to download, head to any of their procurement agent and make payment to the beneficiary name/account number written on the downloaded invoice.

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Note:- During payment process, you need to fill all useful information.

  • Choose which logistic or agent you want your items to go to.
    Also, remember to fill the right name and phone number which you are going to use during cargo collection.
    Once your goods get to the agent or logistic company, they will notify you via your phone number for cargo confirmation and collection.


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