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Simplest Way of Importing Any Item from Saralovelyhome!

If you HAVEN’T been having the success you feel you deserve online, it’s probably NOT your fault. The stunt truth is a lot of the “Gurus” out there, with all their “1 click magic button” products and seminars don’t REALLY know how to make money online other than by selling you those crap products.

So how can you expect to succeed yourself when their training is fundamentally flawed?

Anyway, if you want to start a lucrative business in Nigeria and start making good money, then mini importation is one of the best ways to go. And the best part is, if you are smart and ready then you might not even need a mini importation business guide to starts a profitable mini importation business in Nigeria, you can always visit, I will suggest you bookmark it for easier access or subscribe to our feeds for new and helpful posts.

Without much talk, we all know that China has many websites in the domestic market which offer best prices to do any shopping. But many foreigners are not able to shop from some of these websites. Sites like,,,

Some of them are solely written in Chinese language, prices are often higher than average and they don’t provide cheap international shipping options and some of their sellers are faceless, meaning that you might not be able to contact them directly in person on Whatsapp or even on Skype as you will do with the revolutionary eCommerce website that I am about to share with you soon on this article.

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Another difficult problem is that, If you buy different items from different sellers on maybe AliExpress, Dhgate 1688 or so…, you will need to pay international shipping every time for each order which is not good for small scale business in Nigeria. While, with this website, you will combine all the items that you buy and only pay for shipping when your goods arrive Nigeria, you receive all your items at once, which is another great saving for you.

If you are looking for an easy, cheap yet with quality products website where you can import from and start a profitable mini importation business in Nigeria, make sure you visit this revolutionary web page: and

Here is the Most Simplest Way of Importing Any Item from Saralovelyhome

First of all I want you to follow this website link that shows how to make order in website and get your own order number

Once you will make order and get order number then follow this payment process below:


Bank name – Diamond bank

Account holder – Uzodinma Nonso Godfrey

Account number – 0070628020

Though the order amount is in US dollars but you have to pay Naira in their account, (pay according to Dollar to Naira exchange rate of that day).

To know about dollar exchange rate daily, contact them, they will happily update you a dollar to naira exchange rate.

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Alternatively, follow the instructions on the image below:

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NOTE – There are no transfer charges if you are depositing directly in their Nigeria Diamond bank account in naira.

And once payment is made, please mail the information of payment receipt or teller number to

After confirmation by them, you will receive an email within 10minutes.

After that, you will be issued a TRACKING NUMBER FOR LOGISTIC which you can track WWW.CHRISVIC.COM

Here are the details of their logistic office in Nigeria


Lagos Ikeja Office

Address – 9 Medical road opposite Zenith Bank

Phone Number 08155958098 (Chinwe)

Office Time: 9am – 5pm (Mon-sat)


Port Harcourt Office

Address – 6 Trans-Woji, New Slaughter Road, YKC Junction Woji Port Harcourt

Phone number: 08138478259

You can track your box here

NOTE – For Logistic charges, you need to pay in Nigeria during collection of goods. You can ask logistic charges from Chrisvic logistic by calling them in their contact office in Lagos or Port Harcourt

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Please, the above information was sent to me by RONY to update his customers. THEREFORE, READ MY DISCLAIMER HERE.

If any legal advisory required, you can contact their legal representative in Nigeria. Check this link on their website to know their representatives in Nigeria

If any question, please share with RONY OR ADD him IN LIVE CHAT HELP on WHATSAPP 008613692103174

ADD HIM on skype Rony007ch1

For updates of new products in saralovelyhome. follow them on facebook

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