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Not Good! Dapper Windscreen Cleaner Goes Back To The Job (Photos)


He abandoned the man who wanted to help him and went back to cleaning….Below is what Uche Nnaji,the man who offered him help posted on IG..

“The news came to me yesterday, but I decided to reach him first and hear him out before writing this piece, but all effort to achieve was fruitless as he has refused picking everyone’s calls . .

The bubble buster, was when same guy went ahead to send the message on my DP in the form of as an SMS to my personal assistant complaining that we did not TRANSFORM his life OVERNIGHT like he expected. Proceeding with some tribal/sentimental approach.

Can somebody be kind enough to remind this guy that my name is Uche Nnaji, NOT Uche Olatoyan. Dude, I AM NOT YOUR FATHER, I owe you NOTHING!!! This sense of ENTITLEMENT is shocking. Whollup! Does this guy think I TRANSFORM destinies OVER NIGHT for living? That is solely as exclusive preserve of God the Miracle worker.

Honesty, we had better plans for you Abdulai but you were more concerned about the daily stipends the STREET offered. It’s fine, after all people throw away Diamonds chasing stones; you will not be the first. Just wish I listened when the photographer shared concerns. about your unstable character (like when You agreed and allowed them to use the #150k given by a Good Samaritan to enable you secure an Apartment in Abeokuta, and after rent was paid you came up days later to say that you no longer want to stay in Abeokuta ).

I still try to wrap my mind around this because who gets celebrated and featured on CNN/YahooNews/EbonyLife and yet refuse to see the bigger picture? But as much as I am BROKEN with your decision to go back to the streets , I would rather live with the pain of knowing I tried to HELP , than the REGRETS of not even making an effort. .

As the saying goes “You can take a Horse to the river, but can’t force it to DRINK “.
It’s obvious his PASSION for CLEANING WindShields in Traffic is his HOME. And like they say, ‘Home is where the Heart is’. There are many mysteries of LIFE, and nobody knows what tomorrow will bring. But at this point all I can do is sit-back, pray and wish him WELL.”

what he sent Uche Nnaji

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