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Must Read: Single But Living (Season 2)… Part 2


Written by Snakie86, ( (58F0E4E2)…


I met Bola through my guys after our 300level, I don’t know how the relationship started with her and my guys but the only thing I noticed was that she was always around us. I later learnt that someone scammed her for admission and she couldn’t go home.It was when she got to 300level she realized that her admission was not original. She has been trying to get herself back into school through jamb but all her effort has been abortive. She finally settled down for part time studies in the school and was doing menial jobs.

All I knew about her before then was just normal gist as I never knew what was between her and Kay cos she was a bit closer to kay among all of us. She was the only geh that role with us in the midst of seven guys. It was a surprise when I saw her staying in my guys hostel when I moved in with them but I was later told she had accommodation issues and decided to come and stay with guys. Moreover it was a 3 bedroom flat so, it wasn’t so hard giving her a room in the house. She eventually becomes the mother of the house.

Another thing I noticed when I started staying there was that Bola was so free with everybody, I don’t know if she has a boyfriend or not but I guess she had. Bola was so free that she sometimes dress in front of we guys, she can be in the room with us with just bra and pant alone walking around the room like that. I found it weird in the first place but I got used to it later on. She was more like a blood sister and guys count her way as nothing….

I don’t know if her body doesn’t appeal to them but all they always do whenever she’s on bra and pant was to abuse her. I do fantasize about it when I first moved in but I later shrug it off as I believe there was no way I could enter her kitty cat. I don’t know how other guys did it, it was as if they don’t respond to her body but I do cos konji na bastard. I was S#x active when I was dating Bola cos hardly a week goes by without us doing it like five to six times but being out of S#x for close to four month was totally out of it couple with the fact that the person I was actually reserving myself for has been bleeping another guy out there.

Bola was in the kitchen later that day, Kay’s girlfriend was also around and I went to pick up something

Bola: What was all were doing in the sitting room

Me:as in?

Bola:You dey ask me as in? because I no wan cast u in front of boys make dem no make jest of u

Me:I no understand wetyn u dey talk

Bola:Ehn..ehn… I go come burst u then

Me:I no say u no go wan do like that now

Bola:Why u com dey deny like say u no know wetyn dey happen b4

Me:Why u sef dey sample my Dickson

Bola:Konji na bastard to God…………………U dey miss oo guy

Me:I hear u

Bola: äbi make I carry u go bleep ashana?

Me:why now…e never reach that level now

Bola:Guys no go know..we go just do am codedly

Me:U dey craze…..Thank u, I no need am

Bola:U no need am but with this way wey u dey go, make u no go rape me or any lady for this compound one day

Me:U sef arrange me one correct babe now

Bola:sincerely, no one wey I fit recommend for u now cos u dey reserved but we go see how e dey go

Me:na wah ooo…na me come turn this way..even u sef no dey help matters

Bola:wetyn I dey do again now…

Me:U go just dey put person for agro all the time

Bola:Hehehe…see me see trouble oooo…e be like say I go dey fear u as from this moment ooo

Me:wetyn dey do you now…why u com dey raise your voice , shut up jhoor (spank her Buttocks)

Bola:E gbami ke (make una help me)….wetyn be all this now

Kay:wetyn dey happen there?

Bola:Na snakie ooo…….make una com call am commot for here ooo…e just dey tap current for my body

Tunde:I hope say u safe there sha

Bola:I no sure oo..make una..abeg make I commot 4 am abeg..e no even want make I pass sef

Me:hw I take dey block u now………

Bola: Commot for road jhoor…… (she pushed me away)

That was how she ran out of the kitchen……

Kay: wetyn happen now?

Abimbola: No mind this snakie oooooo

Tunde: Wetyn e do?

Abimbola:e just dey tap current for my body……free of charge for that matter

Micheal: lolzzz……….Padi mi ti kun, o fe tu si e lara pupu ni (My friend is filled up, he wanted to discharge)

Abimbola:If e want to discharge, na my body come be dumping ground?

Tunde:You can help a brother now…….snakie na ur broad now

Abimbola:Una dey craze, una want make hin kill me with that big rod wey hin carry 4 that place

Kay:Which kind big rod, u don c am before

Abimbola: na today?i wish una fit see how the tyn stand inside kitchen now……….

Tunde:Talk tru bimbola, u feel the thing abi u don feel am b4

Abimbola; U dey craze……….

Micheal:U no even fit risk to take am once Bimbola cos if u do, wallahi u go divorce ur boyfriend

Abimbola:I no even fir try am…..shade wey take am sef try…the babe na master

Kay:Snakie oooo….hmmmmm, ekun

Me:which kind nonsense be all this one now…..abeg make una talk another topic jhoor

Kay:y u sef dey go tap current for Bimbola body..take am easy o guy

Me:U dey craze……………

Abimbola:Sincerely, na so e remain, snakie don almost start to press my bobbie

Micheal:lolzzz…..File, how the bobbie be snakie

Me:and una dey believe wetyn she dey tell una

Tunde:If u no touch her she go shout

Abimbola:Thank you jare Tunde…………I even dey fear am now sef, make e no be say one day una no go day and he go r.ape me inside house

Kay: na to dey wear iron trouser anytym u dey house with am b that….

“laughter everywhere”

Me:Una no serious………….All of una dey craze with due respect.

Me:wait oo…e be like say I dey hear noise from outside oooo

Tunde: Ehn..ehn

Micheal:Neighbour and his girlfriend don start again b dat

Me:which kind person b this guy sef, wey go just dey beat his girlfriend up and down

Kay:how that one take concern u…Na love now

Me:love ke? I just hope say dem no go kill each other for inside this compound one day

Tunde:e concern us

Me:All of una go just dey do I don’t care on top their matter..e no good ooo

Abimbola:How e take concern our life now….na wetyn dat geh eye dey find e see

Me:U wey be woman no suppose dey talk like this now

Abimbola:I no send her mama now….na 4 the guy to kill am go make me happy sef

Me:e reach like that Bimbola

Kay:na wetyn go pay her be that now..u no say she her d babe no dey talking term

Me:wetyn happen?

Tunde:Dem dey beef each other unto say the babe dey feel say Bimbo dey yansh hin boyfriend


Abimbola:Una no see me, even if I wan yansh somebody, na hin boyfriend e go be? Wen guys yapa 4 here


Micheal: mama oooo………make we enter go do one round now abeg

Abimbola: U dey craze, e be like say u wan die there abi…na where u follow come u wan follow go back

Abimbola “Leave me oooo Micolo, which kind thing be all this one now, Ahn…ahn….u don dey press my breast ooo……….this one dey craze ni, I go cut ur prick oooo……”

Kay “oshey micolo…oya make una enter…….enter the room…..i don open for una”

Abimbola: I go knack stick for ya head ooooo…….

Micheal : Stop jhoor Bimbola, your hand don dey go near engine room oooo……….oya pls…pls pls abeg before you put me for agro

Abimbola:sebi na u wan do something now……craze boy, na only snakie be gentle guy among una

“she came to sit beside me”

To Be Continued…

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