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Must Read: Single But Living Married…(Season 2)


Written by Snakie86, ( (58F0E4E2)…

This is what happened within 4 months of shade’s heartbreak…

I guess u know what they said about being heart broken? Even though there were people around me, I felt so empty. It was as If I had nobody around, no one to talk to or express my feelings to. To make matter worst, whenever my friends girlfriends visited,their romance, the way they do things always make me think about what happened between me and Shade. They even go to the extent of making jest of me sometimes and we do turn it to play. The only comfort I had was Bola who always shun them and ask them to leave me alone that things will be good…..

Kay:oh Boy, this one way u dey always lonely here..u need free urself oo

Tunde:I just hope say konji never dey kill the guy sef

Kay:I hope so too ooo

Tunde:When my babe dey around yesterday I just dey watch d guy as hin dickson dey stand up

Me:Na 4 where u see that one…u can lie craze boy

Bola:U guys should leave snakie alone jare…no mind dem abeg

Kay:Which one be your own now Bola

Tunde:maybe she wan dey help am ni

Bola:Wetyn come dey there if I help am…Snakie na my brother now

Kay:E no still mean..u fit still dey do am for your brother

Bola:Make una no worry, I go arrange one tyt babe for am

Tunde:Which one

Bola:Bimbo wey I promised you now

Tunde:I no say u no go wan do like that now

Kay:e be like say u wan cause fyt between two friends

Micheal: e no dey work like that oooo…..After Tunde don start ground work already

Tunde:No mind am..i go cut that hin prick if e ever make any attempt..the babe wey I don dey fantasize about already

Micheal:u sef do quick close the chapter for that babe now

Tunde:Na bola never give me green light now

Bola:which green light u want make I give u..i carry babe come give u, abi na until I carry am come bedroom ,off her cloth 4u? oga, abeg turn ur hand to BRT lane jare

Micheal:if d guy dey slow abeg make I enter ooo..i dey set ooo, u no say u never give me anytyn all this while sef

Bola:No worry micolo, I get one special package for you too..make I just arrange one give snakie first

Me:I don hear u

Bola:no worry, na decent one I go carry give u

“she came to sit on my laps, put her hand over my neck and I put my hand over her waist”

Bola:Don’t worry ehn snakie…no mind dem, na better babe I go give you wey no go be like dat weyrey shade

Kay:U sef fit dey help am before the babe come now

Tunde:Konji don dey worry my padi ooo

Micheal:sebi when we dey talk am then d guy dey form love love

Kay:dem don show my padi now

Bola:e don do abeg…wetyn we go chop?

“konji na bastard as Dickson responded to Bola sitting on my laps, I tried to control it but I couldn’t, the thing was just hard there and I guess she felt it but she doesn’t want to embarrass me as she sat there and balance well on my laps”

To Be Continued…

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