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Must Read: Single But Living Married… Part 21


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Karma they said is definitely a biatch. I gave shade a listening ears over the next few months which make her be in a relaxer mood. I created a friendly atmosphere between us but never gave her opportunity to see me again. She always complained to me how Yomi turned her to punching bag at home, she doesn’t feel loved again, her brothers already neglected her and never interfere in her issues again as they were not in support of her marriage to Yomi. It got worse that none of her family members attended her naming ceremony and they never had wedding.

School was abandoned as Yomi was not encouraging her, she was not able to go for her spill over as it was not easy for her. As for her shop, things were not moving as expected, it was whatever she sells she eat from and her husband was not contributing to the business again and hardly drop anytyn for her as upkeep again. She has her husband family who encourages Yomi to do whatever he likes and most times, he do bring ladies home to come and sleep with at home. Everytyn was totally upside down for her as she regretted all her actions and the way she treated me.

I also met her elder brother during one of my consulting services, he was one of the top executives that we conducted training for, we talked about so many things and what really happened between me and his sister. He was so sorry for me and at the same time proud of what have become and the fact that the dream he nurtured for her sister was to have a guy like me as husband to be proud of.

She still call me once in a while and its been years I saw her last. Sometimes I picked if she calls while other times I just ignore her call. The last time she called me was like two months ago when she pleaded that I should help her with some money to pay her daughters school fees..what about her dad I asked? She complained things has not been going on well for them and to eat in the house has been serious issues for them but who am I to contribute to their family? I just blank her and never pick her calls since then. As for her own education, five years plus in school was wasted as she never went back to complete her education. That was how she became an half educated woman who married an half educated wife.

As for me, I had my own challenges too before I got my groove back, I find it difficult to fall in love again, The highest any relationship I engaged in only lasted for just two months. Once I bleep you, then that’s it. I wasted almost six years in dating shade alone but over the next six years after we departed, I dated more than fifteen babes and for side chicks, I guess I will just start counting. Irrespective of who I dated afterwards, I never fought with anyone of them as what usually cause distance between us was that they always found me unserious along the line but it wasn’t really my fault as my scepticism and past affected my decision. Shade thought me great lesson in life some of which are that
1. Falling in love with the right person is always interesting
2. We sometimes ignored the real people that love us and follow the wrong person
3. Never ever ever love blindly
4. Never ever ever love anybody above yourself. Love should be mutual
5. Learn how to forgive those that offend us
6. Always leave vengeance to God
7. We are all magas in the hand of those who knows where our mumu button is
8. At the highest point of provocation, always exercise caution
9. Silence is always golden
10. Always learn from your mistake of the past
11. Never let the mistake of the past affect your future decisions
12. Not all women are the same. There is a distinct difference between Gender and Character
13. Everybody deserve a second chance and lastly
14. Always expect disappointment from people in life.

***THE END***

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