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Must Read: Single But Living Married… Part 19


Written by Snakie86, ( (58F0E4E2)…

We talk about so many things, I try to question her on how Yomi bleeped her but she dodge the question, I also use style to press her stomach on our way, she caught me and opened her stomach for me pressing it hersef and showing me so many things to signify that she was not pregnant again….i was a bit happy inside me.

I got home late in the night and she called me again…

Shade:hello baby

Me:yes dear…..

Shade: My brother just came back from work an hour ago and said we will be leaving for PH on Wednesday

Me:that’s serious, so what are you going to do?

Shade: I don’t even know..have been crying since he told me and he is not even listening to anybody

Me:na wah oooo…then we will see tomorrow

Shade:am going to the VI with him tomorrow morning, he said we need to go and do some shopping, buy office wears for me

Me:na wah oo..dat means we cant even see before you go

Shade:I don’t even know, lets see what tomorrow look like

Me:No problem, we will see tomorrow…

I didn’t know the kind of thought that came through my mind after receiving the call “well, I think I don’t need to put my mind in this relationship again, person wey we no far to each other b4, she go bleep another person and got pregnant, so now that there is a long distance, whats the tendency she wont do that again”…….i assume the relationship to be a 50-50 chance……

We never had the opportunity to see each other before she eventually left for PH. It was as if she just found a new love, The calls were always from her, but one thing I noticed is that she doesn’t call me at night nor early in the morning and if I call, she hardly pick calls if I call at night and the excuse was always that her brother police her up and down and receiving guys call has always been something else.

Our relationship was going on smoothly but I was still dedicated like before but I ate the forbidden fruit one way on the other (Body no be firewood), who initiated me was Bola the cheerful giver and I never looked back ever since I started doing it with her (story for another day is Bola the cheerful giver).
All along the line, my friends nor anybody that knows about the issue never knew I was still in a relationship with Shade. We had also plan it that anytime she came back and people ask us what happened, we will lie to them that it was all lies that she only used what happened to test the kind of love I have for her. (Everybody will be as daft as me to believe that)…………
One month, two, three, four,…………………to seventh months, shade was still in ph and the only means was just calls and sometimes chat. Not until one faithful day when she said
Shade:baby, its like we will be coming to Lagos soon
Me:ehn ehn…..dat will be fantastic..i cant wait to see you baby..have missed you so much
Shade:same here baby, have missed you too…you are everything to me
Me:are you guys coming back fully?
Shade: Not yet though my brother is already working on his transfer back but they have not yet approved it
Me:So, what are you coming to do in Lag
Shade:we have a family wedding and I told my brother that I will also like to come
Me:When is the wedding?
Shade:Two weeks time…………..
Me:So, I should be expecting you in two weeks time?
Shade:Yes baby…hope nobody has touch my Dickson
Me:nah…who wan touch am, He’s been complaining of your kitty cat for a long time now
Shade:I cant wait to have it inside me either…
Shade:How I wish its possible to take it along when am going back……
Me: If you want, I can give it to you to keep…lolzz
Shade: I wouldn’t mind oooo…I seriously want to get dirty with you when I come
Me:even me no how we use to do it now….
Shade:yes baby…………..
Me:See the way you are talking, I remember the first day you tasted this thing, you couldn’t even look at it
Shade:that was then..have matured now
Me:definitely..cant wait to bleep you hard baby
Shade:am all yours anytym anyday………….
Me:thatz my baby….i love you so much baby
Shade:I love you too
Me:how about school….what are you doing towards that………….your spill overs, your project and cant stay in PH forever having that outstanding now or you don’t need the certificate again?
Shade: why wont i? have always thought of it too but I know we will do it together
Me:what make you think so
Shade: I trust you baby, I no u cant leave me to my faith just like that
Me:ohk oo…u no I will always do anytyn 4u
Shade: That’s my baby..where would I have been without you in my life
Me:we are meant to be together for life baby
Shade:I love you so much baby
Me:I love you too..hoping to see you in two weeks time
Shade:same here baby….

We ended the call and I started counting down on two weeks. It was a serious anticipation and there was no day we don’t talk about it. About two days to the said Saturday, Shade broke the news to me that she wont be able to make it as her brother said she will have to stay put in PH as there wont be need for her to come to Lagos. It was a bit disappointment to both of us as our dream was shattered.

Three months later, I was at a friends party…my friends and all our school mates were around. It was just normal gist and a good way reconnecting with each other again. One thing led to the other, we started gisting about school life and hw life has been after school. Suddenly, tunde burst into the middle of the conversation
Tunde: Congratulations to one of our friends too that his wife gave birth
Guy: who be that oo..make una yarn us
Tunde: who else but snakie
Me: ke? Born? 4 where?
Guy 2: na wah u born u no even tell us
Me:Born wetyn now
Tunde: ehn..baba pikin….no dey code for us jhoor
Me:e be like say u don high Tunde
Tunde: so, u no hear say your wife don born?
Tunde: Shade of course…
Me:***so surprised******Born Ke? Which time
Tunde: na facebook I see am now wey person tag am
Kay: even me sef see am and I tink say weda hin don know before ni ooo
Me:I never know ooooo (seriously paining me inside as i still spoke with shade the previous day)
Kay: You wife don born now….check facebook now…person just tag her the picture
Me: congratulations to her then…..her case na bygone already now
Tunde: I see the picture just dey wonder say, how that yomi guy take collect my guy wife
Kay: Yomi wey no go school for that matter ooo because hin get small change I guess
Guy: Yomi ke? No be that hin cousin wey dey find am come our department then
Tunde:na him now
Guy: Na wah oooo……so, she born for hin cousin after everytyn snakie do 4 am…..thats woman for u sha
Me:na her own b dat sha
Kay: baba baby..wetyn una name una baby now
Me: Guy, stop am now…if to say na play..stop am abeg
Tunde:e don do kay, u see say the guy wan dey cry…….
Kay:All na joke now….sebi hin don forget about the babe already….
Tunde: my guy sef don wake up already and hin no dey do love love again….

My mind couldn’t take what all the guys where saying but I relaxed myself. I login to facebook after I left the party, serach through her wall and saw the pictures with congratulatory comments, I was able to deduce the name of the baby from there. I was so bitter but I couldn’t cry cos it has gone beyond that already…I couldn’t sleep all through the night. I bought a new sim card the following day and dialled her number, tried to change my voice
Me: hello mummy Elizabeth
Shade: Yes Good morning Sir
Me:Good morning ma ooo…Congratulation for the new born baby ooo
Shade: Thank you very much
Me: may she grow to know us oooo
Shade: Amen ooo
Me: how is her daddy and hope you are doing fine
Shade:Thank You..pls who am I speaking with
Me:is someone that know you very well…….i just say lemme greet you
Shade:but it wont be a bed idea knowing who this person is..

******Mummy Elzabeth, your baby is crying ooo********(a voice said)
Shade: Give her to grandma (shade responded to the person)………………hello, pls am very sorry for the interruption jare..who am I speaking with
Me:how is Yomi?
Shade:he’s doing great..he just stepped out some few minutes ago
Me:hey yah…say me well to her when he comes back
Shade:he will hear sir but who should I said asked of him
Me:Tell him snakie send his greetings

To Be Continued…

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