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Just Before The Litigation Ensues – By Comrade James Oche



Again, the candidate of the APC in the last senatorial rerun has taken the winner and PDP’s candidate, Senator David Mark to the tribunal. The result of that election was clear and unambiguous. The PDP was the underdog in the election. The state machinery of coercion, conmendeering and outright intimidation of public officers to corporalise roles was heavy in the air. The PDP candidate’s only claim to the competition was his autecedence, landmark legacy projects and human capital empowerment.
Like we rightly predicted, the deciding components of that election was beyond partisan considerations as nationalistic clinging took pre-eminece over all other permutations. The result of that election was unmistaken.
In almost the same scenario, in Zone A (Benue North -West ) district, RT. Hon. Gabriel Torwua Suswam withdrew his tribunal suit against Engr. Barnabas Gemade of the APC for the sake of his people. He has enough clout, resources and contact to drag his people on a long litigation, but he chose the path of honour. Some even assert that he is liquid enough to ‘procure judgement’, yet he considered tomorrow above today.
We went through a needless rerun as the result of the election has shown. Lest we forget, we should consider the time, resources, energy, the needless social and traditional media exchanges that polarised our people on clearly partisan lines and the enormous deployment of both institutional and societal instruments to an election that the probable end result was clear.
Our people repeated the long wait under the sun and pry of the hard economic times to restate an earlier commitment to which they were not ready to reverse.
If it were more traditional societies like the Yorubas, the highest traditional institutions would have invoked the necessary sanctions on the party that pathologically feels that it is only when they are pronounced winners that an election could be free and fair .
Let the idoma people rise against this level of political desperation. While it is right for people to seek redress to perceived injustices and exercise their ambitions, we should consider the strain on our polity and representation.
How else should a candidate in an election be defeated?
Strangely, the man who wants to be our Senator, led a protest to INEC for the validation of a non – existent victory when Agatu had been burnt and when it was clear that the protest belongs only to the tribunal.
While we mourn Agatu and leaders are showing responsibility there, a supposed would-be senator was making star-television tribunal showing at prime times . We must strive for beyond the mere leadership at all times.
Thank you all.
Commander James Oche
(Akpalla K’Idoma )
National Coordinator, Door2Door for Mark and
Governor-General, Homeland Defence Volunteers Front

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