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How to Tell a Seller or Supplier to Ship Your Items to the Shipping Agent of Your Choice.

If you are sometimes puzzled about what to do in regard to your small scale business in Nigeria called mini importation, sometimes just a little common sense will do the trick.

I absolutely, positively, believe that everything that works, and everything that doesn’t in our lives is about communication.

Today I want to share some common-sense ideas as they relate to business communication which is ideal for small and large scale businesses alike.

Back to our main topic of today:

How to Tell a Seller or Supplier to Ship Your Items to the Shipping Agent of Your Choice.

Note. This applies to all the shopping sites, but the below tool is mostly used in Chinese sites.

If you want your items to be ship to your chosen Agent or Logistics Company located in China that ships to Nigeria, then specify the Agent’s China address to the seller even before placing an order. thus:

After ordering different products from separate suppliers, Send all the tracking numbers to your shipper or agent and instruct them to collect, gather and send your package when they receive all.

Since most of the sellers or suppliers on and etc. uses QQ international for communication, message or chat with them there, tell them that you want your items to be ship to __ __ __ address. Always specify the given China shipping address on your order message.

Download QQ international here:  (use it to chat, share products pictures/links and translate your message to Chinese for easy communication of building relationships.


See mine below:

QQ pic


If you want to make money in Nigeria on importation, be sure to communicate first with Sellers or suppliers before making payment.


Some suppliers are selling inferior or ‘look-alike’, products, so it’s always a good idea to contact any seller before placing an order for any product. To contact a supplier just click on the Contact Now link on any product page of the supplier and leave a message via QQ chat. Use it to Communicate with the seller using QQ translate to Chinese and remember to confirm the features of each product first and also build a relationship.

Don’t assume anything, even if it is listed as a feature on the product description page. Contact the supplier first to confirm every detail.

Once your goods get to your specific Shipping or Procurement Agent, they will surely call, message or email you for confirmation and collection of your cargo via the information you filled during the ordering process as your “shipping information”.

Congrats! You’re now in the profitable business in Nigeria that will make you money.

There are other tips and strategies you need to know before venturing into mini importation business in Nigeria.

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