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How to make uploaded image(s) to appear on your web page designed with Microsoft office frontpage

One of the biggest technical hurdles faced by new internet or online marketers is the skills required in creating a website; be it squeeze page, sales page or landing page etc. And having a web page with images is mandatory for your business effectiveness because images rank well and proofed to be more attractive these days than text.

So, if you are having difficulties displaying or linking your uploaded image(s) to appear on your page, then I have you covered.

Firstly, login to your hosting account CPanel, go to file manager, root document, go, open and locate a directory for images, select and click on the images folder, open it. after that go up and click on upload. Upload all the images that you have included in your page ” don’t rename any of the images,
use the same name on your computer”.

Afer that, click on the green arrow that says “back”, and go to the page that you want the image to show, when you get there, locate the page, right-click on it and choose HTML edit. click on edit, once there, place your cursor there where you want to place the image. if you need it to be in a tabular form, you must create a table first. just look around.

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Go up, the last set of icons on the right, locate “image”, and open it, click on “browse server” when you click on browse server, select the images folder. Once there, you can redesign the page and save it and it will upload every change. you can also create a page from scratch here and design as you want.

That’s all, follow the steps and you will have your uploaded images appear on your page successfully without paying an expert. Your thought is also needed below to help you or others finding it difficult to get it done.

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