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How To Make Easy Money Online With CPA Networks Without Breaking A Sweat!

In case you are new to this term. Here is a CPA networks definition: CPA means Click-Per-Action, is when you make people take some kind of action. Like submitting their personal information (email, phone no. etc) or register an account etc. and you get paid for the action taken.

There are numerous ways of promoting CPA to make money online, such as buying traffic and sending it to your CPA offers, inserting your affiliate link on your blog posts and sidebars, creating a landing page and funnel and lots more. But we are going a different way, a method that will cost you less, no work on your part and if it converts well, then you are going to get better ROI because your message will be undeleted. Thereby sending you unexpected traffic and cash…

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This method only involves Fiverr and your CPA affiliate link with a short compelling ad or message

I know people will say that Fiverr is not the best place to buy traffic, yes to some extent. But in this case, you are not buying traffic rather you are only going to have your message with your affiliate link in front of real and huge people who are interested in what you are promoting, so there is a probability that they will click your link and some will take action if you do it well. I bet you that when you get a good Fiverr seller with a compelling, short and call to action message it will convert.

So, to get started:

Go to Fiverr look for a gig seller that is ready to broadcast your offer to their 20,000 Facebook and 50,000 twitter followers. Note: make sure you check their reviews with other clients and their rating before even contacting such seller.

Ask the seller what is the target market for their friends and followers?

What are they interested in?

How are they responding to XYZ offers?

I recommend you go for sellers with mostly US, Canada, Australia and UK friends/followers

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When you get an answer from the seller, you can now go to Google and search for a list of CPA networks or CPA networks for beginners choose a CPA network of your choice and set up your affiliate account related to the answer you get from the Fiverr seller. Some are so picky in accepting an affiliate, if for some reasons you are denied entry into a CPA network, don’t take it personally. Just move on to another one because there are hundreds of them out there. You just need a little research and how to answer their questions when filling the form.

When you get accepted, then go ahead and place an order with your affiliate link and a short teasing ad or message that compel, and ask the seller to send out that message with your link. If you are not comfortable with the link, you can shorten it to make it clean.

I suggest you use Google shortener to shorten it so that you can be able to monitor the number of clicks and demographics the clicks are coming in from.

That’s all, sit back and watch your money coming in. Enjoy!

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