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How to Make Easy Money In Nigeria Shopping Scam-Free on, &

Are you looking for a step by step process of how to import products from Chinese language-based online stores, maybe,,, and others? Just not really sure what way to go and how exactly you set about doing this?

Well, you have come to the perfect place. Today I will be discussing exactly that and will give you some great advice on importing cheap but quality items to make money in Nigeria.

Firstly, you are doing your business a real favor by looking to source products at a much cheaper price than possible on,, and other Chinese Webstore. But you really need to know a few very important things that might potentially save you or someone you know from being scammed online

Here’s How to Shop Scam-Free on, &

The above websites offer all the goods of this world at factory prices as all their suppliers are directly from Chinese manufacturers, it’s the same place that AliExpress and other middlemen online stores are buying from.

So, to start shopping from the above websites or any other foreign language- based e-store and make money as a Nigerian, you will need to install “translation extension” on your browser.


Here’s how it’s done without having to open the normal google translate each time!

Install the google translate extension On your Google chrome browser thus, click on settings, extension, on the search box type “Google translate”, install the one with “A” sign on a blue shade, when done, you will now see an icon at the top right hand of your chrome which represent Google translate.

See below: google translate

After installing, go to your Google chrome browser, type the Chinese base language website e.g., it will open in Chinese language, now click on the Google translate icon you installed on top right hand of your chrome, when it pop out, click on translate this page. See below:

translate this page

N/B. For better results, whenever you want to search for a product or item, type it first on and then translate it to Chinese before copying it to the Chinese website site where you want to search for products. e.g. “Polo shirt” => “Polo衫”

search 1688

When you are ok in any of the searched items results, or have found what you want to buy, copy the link and send to your preferred freight, /Cargo Company or Agent. Send the copied link to them via email or whatsapp, include your phone number and they will reply you with their quotation and other necessary information.

If you are a Nigerian who truly wants to start a profitable business and make easy money, then use the mall business ideas I just shared above.

And if you are just starting out, please stay away from branded products like Apple, Blackberry, Nokia, Ralph Laurent etc. Through my experience, these products if bought from China, they aren’t original and you might find it very difficult to sell them here in Nigeria since they are very inferior in quality though the price is cheap.

There are other tips and strategies you need to know before venturing into this profitable business in Nigeria called mini importation business.

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how to make money on mini importation business in nigeria

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