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How To Flip A Website For Instant Cash – A Quick And Easy Guide!

Have you seriously been searching for an opportunity that could generate income up to $100 to $500 in sell? If you think an extraordinary lifestyle that earns money on a regular basis sounds too good to be true, that is because you have not heard of website flipping before. Though, the process involves little cash and work, but the returns on investment are worth trying.

What is Website Flipping?

This involved the process of buying a domain, hosting and designing a nice site, upload some contents and list it for sale…

First thing first, look for a niche to write contents on, subscribe to ( it is free they will email you with current good niches every day.

Do a keywords research to expand your niche, so that in just one keyword that people are searching frequently on search engines you can get 15 to 20 related keywords to write an article about. Search keywords here

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Just type in the keyword, let’s say “Hypertension” then you search and select the ones that are frequently searched. Then start writing your contents or posts maybe 350 to 500 words should be better.

After that, register a domain related to one of those chosen keywords so as to rank high and add value to your sales.

Next step is, hosting your site. If you are flipping the website or blog then host it with paid web hosting company but if you are financially deterred you can host it on they will allow you to try their services for two weeks free and no stringed attached.

Creating your content site, even if you don’t know anything about graphics of HTML you can get by. Yes. you get yourself a very nice looking template at for free and if you want it on WordPress, you can install any of their free themes, there are thousands of them and all great.

Furthermore, when creating your content make sure you write on the selected keywords, it may be according to the numbers you selected (15 to 20) 350 to 500 words each. It must be on the same searched term you are writing on, each article must mention the keyword at least 3 times in the article; one in the headline, once in the opening paragraph and another in the remaining sections of the article. That is, if you are writing about hypertension, that means the headline can be something like this: Everything you need to know about hypertension! or what is hypertension? A quick and easy tip! and so on.


After all the process and the writing. Upload them to your site, and go to, register a free account, make some posts up to 25 and start flipping(selling) your site.

Rinse and repeat and you will be glad you did.

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