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How To Dress For Your Office Job

Succeeding in the workplace and advancing in your career always takes a lot of time and effort. However, not all of your career success depends on your work skills and competences. Eventually you may notice that while you may be the most skilled employee in your team, other people get promoted and you stay in the same position for years. The reason for that can be very simple: your workplace look is not what your employers expect to see. Find out how to dress for work if you want to succeed faster.

What to wear if you’re a lady

The most common type of office dress code is business casual: it’s not as restrictive as many other work dress codes, but there are also some very clear rules about what to wear. The most traditional clothing item for office is a suit. It can be a blazer paired with a skirt, or a pair of trousers with a jacket. The clothes need to fit you well, but they shouldn’t be hugging your curves too tightly.

How To Dress For Your Office Job

Finish the look with a smart shirt and don’t overdo it with accessories – a nice watch or a dainty necklace will work just fine. You can also wear a variety of dresses to your office; just make sure that they are not too tight or revealing, and keep the colors subdued. Many offices require women to wear closed toe shoes and hosiery, but if you’re lucky enough, hosiery will not be mandatory at your workplace.

What to wear if you’re a guy

Business attire for men can seem very limited in colors and shapes, but everything depends on how strict the dress code rules at your office are. Generally, most men working an office job prefer to wear suits to work. The most popular options are black and grey, but navy and beige suits have recently gotten very popular as well. The dress should be made of high quality matte materials and accompanied by a shirt and a matching tie.

How To Dress For Your Office Job

If the weather is too hot for a suit, or if your office gives you some leeway in the way you dress, you can opt for slack with a shirt. However, a tie is also mandatory in this situation. As for your footwear, it’s best to keep it classic and well-polished. Remember that the only acceptable shade of socks for work is dark – leave white socks for your next gym training.

Where to buy office clothes

Trying to create your workplace wardrobe is much stressful, especially when you need to spend enormous amounts of money on new clothes. Luckily, you’re about to learn the way to dress for work without wasting a fortune. Shop for office clothes on sale, where you will find the best money-saving options from the top sellers in Nigeria!

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