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How to Create a Well-constructed and Fiverr Search Engine Friendly Fiverr Account!

Have you ever created a Fiverr account and waited for so long yet, no views, no clicks and no sales? Well, that is about to stop. I’m going to reveal to you the same method I used to create my own daily dollar-pulling Fiverr account.

Before you begin creating a Fiverr account, you need to research the profitable gigs. I.e. gigs that people are buying which has a lot of buyers.

You can do this quickly by heading over to, select or type in on the search box a category or a sub-category you love, click the “rating” to filter the high selling gigs and select any one you would like to offer, take note of “Orders in Queue” and Competition of the Niche. If there’s anyone that you have chosen, that has lots of Orders in Queue, go and do research on how to offer such service.

Next is to join Fiverr. when joining, create an account with a Username that shows that you are an expert, a name that will convey the service you are offering. This can help your account rank higher in Fiverr searches. For example Basilseo, graphicsmentor, Articlewriter, logowizard etc.

Craft a unique profile description that will make buyers believe you as a professional of that service, tell them what you can do for them and why they should choose you.

On creating gig, make sure to incorporate a keyword and or benefit on your gig title.


  • I will design a Logo that will fuel your Brand
  • I will write a call to action email that converts
  • I will design a Banner that grabs attention anytime

On gig description, know your audience, identify their problems and mention how you can solve those problems. Always make it about them by using the word “you” when writing the description. Also, make sure to mention your keywords here 2 to 3 times, if Fiverr warned you of having too many x word, then change one to another word related to that particular keywords. And always end your gig description with a call to action. See example below:

fiverr, online jobs from home, microworkers, earn money, fivve,, earn money online , making money online, visual design, fiverr gigs, best fiverr gigs, fiverr gig ideas, fiverr gig

On Tags, make sure to use words that relate to your service (the gig you are creating). And after that, you are good to go!

Please, if you have any other method of creating an account on Fiverr share with us on the comment box below.

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