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How To Add All Your Facebook Friends To Your Group Easily With A Single Click!

Hello, social media marketers!
Have you ever created a group on Facebook but find it difficult to get group members? Or maybe you have tight scheduled that you do not have time to add friends manually?

If that’s the case, then get excited because I have got you covered!

I was once in that same shoe, with a Facebook group called “make cool cash on demand“, I was always busy looking for ways to make money on my freelancing career and also expecting my Facebook group to grow automatically without doing any manual adding of people. On that processed, I came across an extension from Google chrome that was able to handle that task with a click of a single button. At first, I was afraid whether Facebook will ban me, but that didn’t happen.

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What I did was to quickly open my Google chrome, installed the extension, follow the 1, 2 steps and yeepee! Within less than 2 minutes, all my Facebook friends were automatically added!

Though they are hundreds of such extensions but some would cause Facebook to ban you from some actions or even go ahead to spam your profile in one way or the other. So, I can only recommend “Facebook Group Invite All” by Jagjeet Singh.

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To get started using this revolutionary extension to auto-add all your Facebook friends, follow the steps below:

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On your Google chrome, check the top-right corner and click on the menu icon “customize and control Google chrome”, click on “Settings“, go to the top-left corner and click on extensions, scroll below the window and click on “Get more extensions“. On the search box, type in and search for “Facebook Group Invite All” install it and you are one step away from adding all your friends automatically.

Finally step:

On your Facebook profile, open the Facebook group where you want to add all your friends.

Click on the “Facebook Group Invite All” icon on the top right corner of your browser and wait for the extension to do it work.

It might take 1 to 2 minutes depending on the number of friends you have on Facebook.

Use it wisely and share it with friends and endeavor to leave a comment below.

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  1. Nice one thanks, I would have love this but most of our friends complain of adding them to fb groups without their consent

    • You’re welcome Akpene J., you can massage them to leave the group if they are not happy seeing your helpful contents or posts that you’ll be feeding them with free of charge.

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