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How and Where to Import Products from USA/UK and Ship Them to Nigeria from the Comfort of Your Living Room!

Shopping from US online sites is not the problem for us Nigerians these days, but the main issue is “how to get the product shipped” directly to Nigeria.

Which is why, I want to share 3 simple forwarders you can use to shop, ship and track your package(s) from the US to Nigeria without living your home.

First of all, let me show you some reliable shopping portal.

Below Are Some US Sites You Can Start Shopping Right Away:


What it involves:

  •  Getting a Visa/MasterCard (from your local bank GTbank or UBA etc.)
  • Opening a buyer’s account from your favorite sites e.g. Amazon
  • Getting a US shipping address
  • Buying the item
  • Shipping to your US address
  • Shipping and tracking to your desired destination here in Nigeria


Getting a US shipping address requires signing up for a mail forwarding service that will ship your items to Nigeria when they receive it from the merchant (Amazon or Ebay). You can make payment for this by also using your Visa or MasterCard. It costs about $0 to $60 per year depending on the forwarding company, type of account you want and this excludes final shipping costs to Nigeria which are based on Internation ship courier shipping costs per weight and size. etc

Below Are Some Forwarders That You Can Use To Ship Your Items from the US/UK to Nigeria:

  • MyUS
  • Shippyme
  • Shoptomydoor.

Details about each of the forwarders HERE!


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