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Game of Thrones Actor Sings Along to Jeremih in Apple TV Ad



Apple has unveiled its latest advertisement that for Apple TV, and the commercial features an appearance from Game of Thrones actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Mad Men actress Alison Brie and music from R&B singer Jeremih.

In the new 60-second spot, which was released Thursday (Mar 24) and made its official TV debut that night, Coster-Waldau and Brie are rehearsing a kissing scene in a trailer on a Hollywood movie set. He’s dressed up like a battered soldier, and she’s playing a nurse.

But it looks like things aren’t going so well, because they’re having to use a kissing scene from the 2013 film 1,000 Times of Good Night as a reference. “This still isn’t working,” Alison says as she tries to study the scene, figuring out the angle their heads are titled and whether or not they’re using tongue.

At that point, a guy from the film crew bursts into the trailer and yells that they have to get on the set to shoot their kissing scene, and it looks like Nikolaj is ready to go, but Alison isn’t. “We’ll be out in five, thank you,” she says as Nikolaj slowly sits down, annoyed.

Alison then asks Siri to find Game of Thrones (ha!) and Nikolaj, who’s obviously had it up to here at this point, takes over and asks Siri to open up Apple Music. “Play Jeremih,” he says as “Oui” starts playing and he sings along, looking goofy as hell in the process.

“Yeah, you know what, we’re good,” Brie says, cutting him off as she gets up to leave. “We’re over thinking it.” It’s obvious she doesn’t want to play along.

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