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Foto Story Time! Fiona The Devil’s Queen – ‘The Goddess From Hell’ – Final Part!


…And now, bringing you the concluding part of this very interesting story about the Fiona the queen of darkness.

Remember Uche went missing after being seduced by Fiona and when his friends returned they could not find him except his yellow hat which was on top of the treasure box. To read part 1 CLICK. Enjoy the final part of the story and remember to drop a moral lesson below…

16. Fiona showed up in all her glory and beauty, James was hypnotized at first sight…She walked up to him.
17. She sat down with him and asked for some of the coconut water. What are you doing here alone? James asked curiously, knowing that James was ignorant about who she was, she lied to him “I CAME HERE WITH MY FRIENDS TO SWIM BUT THEY ALREADY LEFT SO AM ALL ALONE. She drank more from the coconut, ‘satisfied’? as James asked and is already salivating all over her.
18. James who is a married man with two wives and 3 kids started flirting with her “My name is James and I am still single and searching” “Can you be my girlfriend” Fiona smiled and replied “I AM ALREADY YOUR GIRLFRIEND, I FELL IN LOVE WITH YOU WHEN I SAW YOU, YOUR POT BELLY IS SO ATTRACTIVE”. James was so happy but he wanted more “How can I sleep with this girl right now?! He thought to himself”
19. Not knowing that Fiona was reading his thoughts all along so she decided to lead him on, “I AM FEELING COLD” she said sexily… James felt his inner man bulge… He replied with a lustful voice “can we talk in private? “YEAH LET’S GO INSIDE AND LET ME SHOW YOU MY WORLD” Fiona replied.
20. They got inside and she went NAKED for him, James couldn’t control himself, he went on his kneels, crawling on his hands with his eyes fixed on her firm breast. He failed to notice the chains coming out of Fiona body. All he wanted right there was her body.
21. Peter, Daniel and Samson got to the spot where they met the mystery woman that helped them in fishing, they were looking all-round for her. They started shouting for her, hoping their voice would bring her back, they tried so many times and soon enough they got tired and were almost going back home when Daniels screamed “THERE SHE IS”!!
22. Fiona came out of the sea, half human, half mermaid!…The first time they saw her, she was not this elegant but now she is looking so beautiful and radiant!!! Daniel whispered to his two friends “What happened to her in just 6 hours” She is looking more beautiful!!” Unknown to them she has assimilated the virtues of two of their best friend, Uche and James. She started swimming towards them “DON’T BE AFRAID, ITS ME”.
23. She joined them in the boat and allowed the men to savor her beauty.
24. She entered the boat and they started feasting and dinning. She was so fun to be with that they spent hours on the boat. Fiona the goddess of hell is such a beauty to behold!
25. After dining with them, she started helping them to fish just like she did the first time they came.
26. While others were busy counting their blessings and calculating how much they are going to make from their catch, Fiona secretly called Peter aside and whispered “THIS CLOTHES THAT I USED IN COVERING MYSELF IF YOU CAN USE IT TO HIT YOUR TWO FRIENDS THEY WILL TURN TO BOX OF GOLD! I AM GOING TO GIVE IT TO YOU, USE IT TO HIT THEM WHEN YOU GET HOME” THIS CLOTHE IS SO POWERFUL! She gave the red pieces of clothes she used in covering her nakedness to Peter and left.
27. Peter took the pieces of clothes from her and tied it around his head. “CRAZY WOMAN” he said to himself. They finished fishing and left in the night. When they got home, Daniel was telling Peter how strange he felt about that mermaid, “SHE IS TOO KIND, I DONT WANT US TO GO TO THAT SPOT AGAIN” she could be dangerous. They were so busy talking about the mermaid that they failed to noticed her standing right in front of the door, hiding in the darkness.
28. She jumped right in front of them and started speaking some foreign tongues with the evil gold chains tied to her hands. FOLLOW ME! She commanded.
28. They followed her inside and she opened the fishing tool box! Lo and behold, Uche and James were trapped in the fishing tool box by reducing their sizes after sucking out their virtues with her evil magical powers.

“WHAT HAVE YOU DONE YOU EVIL WITCH?? Daniel screamed!13087766_150093222059463_671945155906415276_n
29. She hypnotized Daniels and Samson with her incantations and they collapsed right in front of her! She started sucking their virtue, gradually reducing their size “PETER I WILL SPARE YOUR LIFE BECAUSE YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE I FIND WORTHY TO BE MY HUSBAND” Peter replied with a shaky voice “PLEASE MA, I AM MARRIED”!! Fiona replied with hatred in her voice ” PREPARE TO DIE AND JOIN YOUR FRIENDS THEN!!!!

***Go to page 2 below to continue to ‘THE END of FIONA’!…***

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