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Everything You Need To Register, List Items and Sell On Konga – Step by Step!

Have you been thinking about getting started selling on Konga?

Now is a great time!

Selling on Konga is one of the best ways to make money online from home in Nigeria, and it’s easy to get started once you know how to do it. So, if you want to find out how you can register, answer the new merchant orientation test, submit your store picture/IDlist and sell products and make money on Konga then you will certainly want to read the whole of this article.

READ THIS ALSO The Easiest Way To Import Any Item From Mr. Lee and Rony in Hongkong! First off, I will suggest you carefully research and determine what exactly you want to sell, pick a unique store name that will represent your brand or whatever you want to be selling on Konga mall. And others below:

  • Any government issued ID (Divers licence, permanent voters card etc.)
  • An active bank account
  • A nice picture ready to be uploaded etc.

And then head over to, click on new seller here “register now” See image below: how to sell on konga, sell on konga, selling on konga 1 Step 1. Fill in all the needed information as required below: 2 how to sell on konga, sell on konga, selling on konga READ ALSO How to Tell a Seller or Supplier to Ship Your Items to the Shipping Agent of Your Choice. (Any section with asterisk or star is compulsory) Store Information Store name:* Store Description:* Choose store URL: * __ __ __ Choose your name to be displayed to buyers on Konga when they browse your offers. This name must be unique on Konga. Store Type:* Merchant Details Title:* First Name:* Last Name:* Phone:* E-mail Address:* Street Address:* City:* Landmark:* State:* LGA:* Password:* Confirm Password:* How did you hear about Konga Mall?:*

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Accept terms and conditions, then click on “register as a new seller & continue”.

CLICK HERE for the next step.


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