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Educating The Uninterested Citizens – By Adamu Tilde



In his book, Don’t be Sad, Dr. Al-Qarni opined that: an intelligent person transforms losses into profits whereas the unwise and unskilled aggravates his own predicament, making two disasters out of one. It takes genius and steadfastness to converts bitter lemon to sweet drink.

#IStandwithBuhari came under incessant though justified criticisms that eventually led to its untimely death yesterday. The obituary announcement was followed with strong, and what some consider ‘harsh’ note of outright dissociation of its advocacy with Muhammadu Buhari and his wife from Garba Shehu, one of the presidential spokesmen. Reasons adduced didn’t go well with some ‘activists’.?

Earlier, it was alleged that the movement (or was it an advocacy) has budgeted a whopping 1.2 billion Naira for its scheduled anti-corruption march on the 31st of March. The march as claimed by the movement’s publicity wing was to support Buhari on his ‘fight’ against corruption. It was no clear to many, yours inclusive, how the March rally will help marched-out corruption in Nigeria. Maybe it surpasses our brains comprehension.?

Apparently the choice of words used by the presidential spokesman didn’t go well with part of the movement’s leadership. They felt insulted and maligned. Hey! They even felt their images been tainted?. Wait a minute: their grouse is justifiable ?. Don’t ask me how. ?
In a sea of ‘corrupt’ fishes, one has to be wary and many at times worry about his hard-earned ‘reputation’, lest the media court adds one to the growing and blossoming list of Dasuki. ?

Methinks differently. There’s no need for crying foul about the presidency distancing itself with the movement. With alleged 1.2 billion budget; organised and hierarchical organ of commands all over the thirty six of Nigeria, in addition to the capital, Abuja, the movement can turn things around and have the last laugh.

No matter the severity of your ‘pull them down’ syndrome , you have to give it up to the movement’s uncommon resilience, in spite of the lack of focus and defined goals. Building on this reputation though unearned, this ferocious and effortless patriotism of getting rid of Nigeria from the terminal cancer of corruption can be channel to any of the followings:

One, with the abhorrence of corruption displayed by the movement’s arrowheads, 1.2 billion can be effectively utilised in educating at least 2000 secondary graduates that have no money to pay for their tuition in Nigerian universities.

Two, ‘Nesa ta zo kusa’ as the Hausa saying goes. Seems like the two former national coordinators of the movement are from the north, and with an active and ‘incorruptible’ national publicity secretary also from the north, sooner than later, our Almajiranci problem will be a thing of the past. We will be save from the constant ‘Yabbing’ by our country men from the other side of the Niger. The alleged 1.2 billion Budget can be used to house, feed, educate and clothe at least 10,000 Alamjiris. Phew!? Wishful thinking.

I am telling you, before one will say EFCC, the movement will win the Nobel laureate prize in Human empathy? Never again will someone described the movement as dubious and questionable let alone the temerity to distance oneself from to be purposeful group like #IstandwithBuhari.

Three, taking the publicity secretary’s town as case study, the movement can establish a befitting workshop where Wood work, Metal work, ‘Electrishans’, Plumbing, Mechanics etc can be taught in Gombe. Trust me, Five months into that, at least 500 hundred ‘Kalares’ will be trained. You see how important the movement can be, assuming thinking is one of their(movement proponents) extracurricular activities.?

Four, I think the president is more worried about the (in)famous Fulani Herdsmen and how to tackle their menace than what to do with Dasukis and co. So, with 1.2 billion, the movement can establish a ranch. In that, the movement can tethered the ever wandering Fulani ‘herdsmen’ in Benue State. A little reflections would have save the needless embarrassment the movement incurred for itself.

Lastly but by no means the least, you see, Nigerians are people that go haywire and unceremoniously activate their moribund patriotism when the country gets criticise by outsiders. Now that there’s increasing trend of humanity-saviour white people coming to the aid of children and old people ridiculously accused of witchcraft- many are unlucky, they get killed before the saviour White men came. With 1.2 billion that’s meant to stand-with-Buhari against corruption, the movement can embark on rescuing the plight of those innocent children.

There’re numerous number of HUMANITARIAN and JUST cause(s) that the movement can embark on without the needless distraction of Oga Garba Shehu so much calling the movement ‘dubious and of corruptible tendencies’. Sadly, the just and humanitarian cause do not bring cheap popularity, neither unearned riches nor unmerited favours. Perhaps that explains why many of the movement populists cum activists feel cheated, maligned and denied of their (in)sincere way of earning a living.

It begets brain and intelligence to convert lemon to sweet drink; losses to profit; downfall to celebrity. It just doesn’t come that cheap. In time like this, intelligent people take stock of their losses, think over the cause of their decreasing revenue and mapped out a strategic plan on how to bounce back. It is no brainer when reason and rationality is being substituted with laughable diatribe and misplaced tirade. It only exposes and consolidates the initial suspicion of the intent behind the ‘dubious’ and ‘questionable’ movement in the first place as FRAUD.

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