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Chi-Chi’s Corner: Interesting 12 Commandments To Keep Your Love Life Waxing Strong?❤


Below are some interesting compilation of some very powerful ’12 commandments on keeping a good relationship with images I have been able to come with to help guide couples. Enjoy!

1. In Marriage you can find countless genuine reasons for divorce. but the key to Successful marriage is finding reasons to stay marriage.
2. GUYS ➡ Cheating is the Most disgusting. hurting, and disrespectful thing you can do to the Woman you claim to love. it changes the way she feels about Men, Love, Marriage and sometimes even GOD. It’s a deep pain that rots her soul from the inside out. Dont cheat. if you’re Unhappy, just Leave! ?13434880_535153383338490_6093612758194081097_n 3. Give your marriage the attention it deserves and your spouse the attention and affection he or she craves13434876_535153410005154_3168548914023355037_n4. True love says… you may disappoint me, frustrate me, and annoy me, but i choose to love you, respect you and care for you anyway. True Love is, “for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in Health, to love and to cherish, till Death do us part.”13432356_535153430005152_5856043955838337103_n5. The Oneness of marriage doesn’t mean sameness. Learn to embrace your differences. Allow your spouse the freedom and space to be himself or herself.13445578_535153463338482_7510389219889948314_n6. your spouse should never fear you. True love dispels fear.13418864_535153490005146_5486858722182271399_n7. Couples who pray together, put god at the center of your marriage. A marriage without god’s protection is like a car without fuel! ALWAYS PRAY TOGETHER13394025_535153513338477_7872811705136438237_n8. Many couples spend thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours preparing for a few hours of the wedding, but they don’t prepare for the Lifetime of the marriage.13418800_535153540005141_4499095287865771013_n9. HUSBANDS: Keep pursuing your wife, especially after the wedding. it makes her special knowing that she still matters to you. Reassure her that you still find her irresistibly beautiful.13442336_535153566671805_5010989280759827905_n10. Give your marriage the attention and affection he or she craves.13450040_535153596671802_8198072526426612711_n11. It’s not the big problems that destroy marriages; it’s the small ones that are natured over time. Many marriages end over ridiculously childish habits and mere childish behaviors. Marriage is for adults.13428390_535153616671800_6346918850841867956_n12. Be your spouse’s stress reliever, don’t add to his or her already stressful life. Make your spouse look forward to coming home to you, the only person who will understand and not judge. When life gets hard make your spouse run to you, not from you. Let your heart be your spouse’s emotional hiding place.13450993_535153640005131_6318627785132973861_n

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