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CCT Trial Of Saraki’s Judgement; Some Salients Facts Are Visible



The Presiding Judge, Danladi Umar stutered throughout his way while delivery the entire judgement thereby questioning the reliability of the judgement ‎he delivered as though it was written and just handed over to him to deliver
The rather terrible delivery of the judgement leaves more to question
One must be fair: what is good for the goose is good for the gander. How can Section 3D of the CCB and CCT act that has been used to acquit numerous other public holders like Tinubu and led to the withdrawal of the CCT Case against Orubebe amongst others, now be turned on its head in this case of Saraki.
Recently Newspapers were awash that the acquittal of Tinubu was made in error as ‎argued by the prosecuting counsel, Rotimi Jacobs and the same thing was alluded to and agreed to by Danladi Umar leading to a simple case of Self Indictment… Should such mind be the judge in a case like this?‎
Section 3d of the CCB Act which states expressly that
(d) receive complaints about noncompliance with or breach of this Act and where the Bureau considers it necessary to do so, refer such complaints to the Code of ConductTribunal established by section 20 of this Act in accordance with the provisions of sections 20 to 25 of this Act:
Provided that where the person concerned makes a written admission of such breach or noncompliance, no reference to the
Tribunal shall be necessary…
why is it this now being used against Saraki
Clearly and Evidently, this Section wasn’t followed and you can’t have something on nothing; you can’t try someone when you have flouted the laid down rules yourself.
‎Based on the above, the Bureau and Tribunal have committed a gross act of procedural error by not following the condition precedent. Yet the CCT revels in this clearly showing that more and more political machinations than meets the eye and enormous pressures on Danladi Umar are at ‎play here.‎

Today they are using it against Saraki to score political point, tomorrow it might be against anyone.

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