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CCNA’er Share Love Stories Of How He Met And Proposed To His Fiancee’


Awwww! What an interesting love story told by one of our very own CCNA’er of how he met and proposed to the love of his life. Quite heart melting…Read below;

It all began on 26th November 2011, I left Port-Harcourt for a friends wedding and I was one of the men in suite on getting to the reception where we had to walk in together I found my missing rib but didn’t Know she was the one, we had a quarrel over her high hills she was putting on and she was also tall so I felt bad because I was short and she was making me look more shorter with her hills….Lol, we walked in differently without holding hands like the others did and we didn’t talk for the period of the whole dance Scenario.

Unfortunately or rather fortunately, we boarded same vehicle going back home after the wedding that was when the conversations began and I began to Know her kind heart of a girl, loving and caring pretty lady I had a quarrel with earlier hmmmmm I didn’t wait another minute but to request for her number and we had a long conversation that ended in a date fixed for the next day. We began to talk on phone for months after the date because I had to return to ph to resume work, she was there all the time and I kept loving her more and more…

There was just no other person, no other lady, no one that took her place in my heart hmmmmm I know I waited long but couldn’t wait anymore because she’s more than a bird at hand but a treasure at heart more cherished than diamond so the plan for the surprised party came up with the help of my friend Ejike and Warri bros. Booked an expensive hotel were Phyno shoot his video Connect (universal) and made arrangement with the waiter to take her special order of which she didn’t Know she wont be serve anything

But a silver plate covered with the Gold ring placed inside on my own birthday so she thought it was my birthday party but didn’t Know it was her engagement party we were planning for with the help of my friends and others present we were having cool time when she placed her order and the other was served after 15 mins and when the waiter brought it I refused her from opening it and her response were,, order for yours if you want to eat na lol and I allowed her to open the silver served dish before her was the moment!

She didn’t expect me to be on my Knees and saying all the sweet words I could think of but the one I could remember telling her was when we first walked into the reception hall 2011 I was not able to hold her hands but now I want to hold her hands while we walk in as husband and wife.

She placed her head on the table for some seconds with smiles on her face as she raised her face and said yes I will be your wife baby I was happy and really needed to hear that word that has been pending in her heart …… What a little story of our love live update on wedding tins soon!

See more photos form the proposal below;13453794_1572701039690173_230832619_n13436004_1572701006356843_1544366951_n13453787_1572701056356838_1076380192_n13444141_1572700969690180_1211046158_n-113457781_1572700976356846_1864064679_n13444141_1572700969690180_1211046158_n

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