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Brutality: Policemen Allegedly Beat Man To Coma, Their Reason Is So Shocking (Photos)


This is very bad!.Police always in the bad news…. According to Facebook user, Adamu Ibraheem Jimeta who shared these photos of a man in coma this is what happened;
Over the years, Men of Nigerian Police Force have created bad Image as the Violators of Fundamental human right. According to a reliable Source, Kabiru’s Crime was demanding an explanation on the reason of an arrest about to be launched in his area, only to become the Victim.

The Primary suspect were left and Kabiru was bundled into the Police Vehicle and Conveyed to DOUBELI STATION here in Jimeta. There, the Police Men attached to the station brutalized the innocent Kabiru to a Coma and left him with no Medical attention.

His family were later in the night called ( after denying access to him severally) to report to the station and evacuate their Son’s lifeless body. Presently, the perpetrators of this dastardly act have continue their usual daily business while the lifeless body of Kabiru lays in FMC Yola helplessly hanging between life and death.

Close to a month now Kabiru still remain in a deadly coma and there was no single effort either from the perpetrators, their DPO or the state police commissioner to show their remorse on this unholy act. Personally, I feel more than sympathy for this innocent young man infact I feel deep empathy for Kabiru not just for his family’s financial incapacitation but for the Saddest part of the whole story that Kabiru is presently at the Verge of loosing his SPINAL CORD. Inna Lillahi Wa Inna Ilaihi Rajiun.

For these and the basic fact that tomorrow might be Me or You we demand Justice for Kabiru.

1- We call on the well to do in our society to come to the aid of Kabiru by supporting his family so as to have better medical attention elsewhere.

2- We insist that the IG and CP must take full responsibility and do everything possible to ensure the recuperation of Kabiru.

3- We further insist that the Perpetrators Must face the full Wrath of the law so as to serve as a deterrent for their likes and ensure Justice prevails.

We call on all stakeholders ‪#‎Media‬, ‪#‎Humanrightactivist‬, to join us in this. Police is not above the law. #JusticeforKabiru”

“AN INJURY TO ONE IS AN INJURY TO ALL” We were always told to avoid taking laws in our hands. Then I asked ”When those responsible for Protecting your life become the same people extrajudicially inflicting Injuries on you” How do we tackle that ? This is where Government must intervene.

If the Police couldn’t do what they are paid to, then Government must standup in defense of the defenceless. Kabiru Ahmed is innocent and there was no whatever Justification to deserve this Callous treatment. We demand Medical and legal backing.

The same Laws must be extended to take care of Kabiru for he is also a Nigerian. We will never relent. No ! until Justice prevails.


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