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7 celebrities who do not sign autographs


It was recently reported that music diva Mariah Carey  has issued a ban, discouraging fans from trying to ‘hug or kiss’ her during meet and greets.

A source reportedly reveals to The Sun that the diva has asked her fans to refrain from any form of physical contact during her pricey £500 VIP meet and greets.

Mariah Carey’s reported ban is not unusual for a celebrity of her status. While she does not want to come into physical contact with her fans, most celebrities prefer not to sign autographs for their fans.

Below is a list of foreign celebrities who don’t sign autographs;


1) Will Ferrell

The comedic actor in Hollywood is notorious for not signing autographs. The movie star hates signing autographs for his fans after he found out that they sell his signed memorabilia on the Internet. Will Ferrell does not appreciate that at all.


2) Tobey Maguire

The 40-year-old popularly known as for his role as Spider Mandoes not like signing autographs. His case is so bad that he does not even grant the wishes of kids who adore him as Spider Man.


3) Joaquin Phoenix

This actor is so bad in helping his fans out that he is now regarded as one of the most unapproachable actors in Hollywood. He doesn’t even sign movie merchandise.


4) Russell Crowe

Another ‘Gladiator’ actor who shuns fans who ask for his autograph is Russell Crowe. For a few years though he turned good and started signing autographs. Unfortunately Russell Crowe is back to his old ways.

cameron-diaz (1)

5) Cameron Diaz

The 43-year-old actress doesn’t like autographs also. Her excuse is that if she signs for one fan, others would come and demand autographs from her.


6) Bruce Willis

The veteran Hollywood actor signs autographs but only on the red carpet. If you bump into him anywhere else he is ignoring you.


7) Sir Paul McCartney

The Beatles legend announced in 2010 that he will no longer be signing autograph for fans.

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