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40 Well Written Solo Ad Email Copies – FREE Yet Compelling With Call to Action Words! – Part 5


NOTE! Be sure to replace your own website address anywhere you see “” listed in each ad. Remember to make sure that the ‘http://’ is included in your link when placing an ad unless specified otherwise, not just the ‘’

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36. Would Just Another $80 a Day Help?

Less than a month ago one of our team members signed up WHO HAD NEVER MADE ANY MONEY ONLINE.

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Can you login to Facebook and read messages?

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 37. Do You Know You Can Earn Residual Income Easily While You Learn?

Hey There!

I just wanted to let you know that this is literally taking the industry by storm! It’s Crazy!

We’re just getting warmed up. Never before has it been so easy to make this much money online.

I’m still pinching myself sometimes thinking it’s a dream… But it’s REAL!

We show you how to set up everything. You only need an email address and Internet access so you can work anywhere.

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38. Want To Close Sales Like Magic Without Breaking A Sweat?

These Three “Words” Close Sales Like Magic COPY PASTE POST

So, if you’re not closing at least one sale a day right now, you’re about to learn how to

It’s easier than you think..

You will even see how to close more sales than the so called “closers”….all WITHOUT ever picking up the phone.

It’s a pretty simple trick…

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 39. Amazing Smart-System That Legally Prints Money 24/7!

One Year From Today, You Could Be Sitting At Your Home Computer,

Counting the Money That Flowed Into Your Bank Account That Day…

Because You FINALLY Have Your Own Cash Machine That Spits Out…

=> $149 payments over and over again!

=> Access to tested ads and email letters

=> Access to a Duplicatable Online System with no selling

=> Access to some of my most valuable ideas in marketing,

So you can make more in any program you choose.

=> So much more…

I don’t want to be the one to cause you to lose any sleep,

So before you go to bed tonight wondering if this is for real, take a peek to see if you can call my bluff…

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 40. How To Turn Your Passion Into Wealth Easily Within Days!


I’m going to reveal to you a simple 2 Step process that can virtually eliminate any cash-flow worries.

Even if you’re doing well, you could be doing better.

First… take a basic ad like this one you’re reading right now.

Place it in high traffic areas I show you so that a lot of people will see it.

Second… have a basic website connected to that ad.

One with a cash-pulling sales letter on it so that people will pay you for the information/ opportunity you’re offering.

That’s it.

100 year old formula that was as good back then as it is today.

See for yourself how it all works in action…

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