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40 Well Written Solo Ad Email Copies – FREE Yet Compelling With Call to Action Words! – Part 2


NOTE! Be sure to replace your own website address anywhere you see “” listed in each ad. Remember to make sure that the ‘http://’ is included in your link when placing an ad unless specified otherwise, not just the ‘’

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6. Become A White Hat Guru By Grabbing Your 3 Ins And Outs Of Making Money Online – Absolutely FREE!

Hi there,

Do you know that the more “Information” you get the more power you’ll have to take your career and business to the next level & make more money… You know that’s good to be true, right?

And that’s the reason you should sneak in on this while you still have the chance!


Imagine this… a proven step-by-step yet quickly and in a nutshell BOOK that shows you:

-> How to become an Affiliate super hero easily

-> Two simple yet highly effective ways to find a niche, build a website, and generate profit with minimal or no risk

-> Why what you think about copywriting just doesn’t work anymore, but can be fixed with a few simple tweaks?

And the best of all, making six figure incomes from the comfort of your home as a Freelancer etc.

How would this make a difference in your life?

What would you change?

Buddy, you don’t have to IMAGINE any longer.

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Do you know that as millions of people search to find a hyper way to create serious cash-flow from home with AUTOMATED and done-for-you tools…

So will many be ripped off by Scams, Get-rich-quick Programs, and Hype?

BUT IF YOU Are Fed up with all their BS, Hype, Gimmicks and Scams System THAT DOESN’T WORK?

AND Want an HONEST AND GENUINE Program where every single person who joins get paid, and How You Too can start making Yourself a Large, Stable of Residual Income from anywhere, with complete Step by Step Training and Assistance All The Way To The Top?

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8.     The Less You Do, The MORE You Make?

Hi [firstname],

Did you know that most people are too busy earning a living to make any money?

If you begin to think about it you’d realize that it’s true!

Personally, I used to work hard.

16 hours a day, ­7 days a week.

And the weird thing is:

I only started generating real income, when I

started doing less a lot less, thanks to this highly

unusual resource that I’m about to share with you.

See for yourself here:

$80 SALE=200% Commission…Cash Paid Every Friday!

Got laid off?

Out of options?

Think again, We have your plan B… and it works like CRAZY…

9.     My WEEKLY INCOME is through the Roof!

As the subject says – I’ve built an awesome monthly income!

I didn’t even talk to anyone! They all just came across my website from one of my free ads or my low budget ads and signed up.

The sales are pouring in as well – which means OTHERS

Are cranking with this bad boy, too – it is UNREAL!!

Isn’t it making you sick to hear about all this success I’m having?

Well I’ve got your medicine.

Jump in now and you’ll be pingin’ off the walls just like me.

This is the one and only business that is making me a ton of money!

This kind of support is unparalleled and is the only time you’ll

Receive an opportunity like this – guaranteed!

Talk to you soon!

This is a serious work from home opportunity!

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 10.     Just Revealed – An Opportunity That’ll Make Your Life One Endless Moment This Year!


The only Opportunity that even the Newbie can Partake and Build a Solid Residual Income From Home!


-> Work only when THEY Want

-> Escape the 9 to 5 rat race.

-> Live anywhere THEY want in the world.

-> Wake up in the morning richer than when THEY went to bed.

-> Want to be better tomorrow than THEY are today.

-> Retire earlier than THEY ever imagined…

Are YOU the one?

If so, Don’t Miss Out on this opportunity while it’s still FREE.

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11. Amazing Formula To Propel Your Profits – For Slow Times!


Have you ever felt that when it comes to making money online, time just doesn’t seem to be on your side?

You know that to be true …right?

And that’s the reason you must sneak in on this before it’s officially launched.


There’s lots of stuff out there which is good in the LONG RUN but takes TOO LONG to do when you’re just getting started and your bank account is just desperate for a pick-me-up.

That’s why I want to SHARE something you can use IMMEDIATELY!

Not tomorrow, Not next week, TODAY!

And the best thing of all, Nothing to pay, joining during this pre-launch is FREE.

Very helpful forum, back office set-up packed with information and business help, professional banners and promotional materials…

You can use it repeatedly to propel Your business and make money faster than you can imagine.

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“The Real Work From Home Experience”

Simple Yet Powerful step-by-step system that can have you receiving $5,352 in cash and checks WEEKLY?

All you have to do is Copycat me to a T!


In Your Current Home-Based Program, You:

=> Listen to all the “HYPE” from other “leaders” in the program who are supposedly following the same system that you are, but are making a lot more money from YOU

=> Spend countless hours on the phone calling prospects

=> Attend numerous conference calls throughout the week

=> Spend precious time Testing and Tweaking Ads and Marketing strategies that sucks huge cash!


==> What if there was a way to receive cash & checks from home where you didn’t have to do any of the ABOVE?

Where you didn’t have to cold call prospects…

==> Because The System Attracts Them To You!

Where you didn’t have to attend conference calls…

==> Because The System Doesn’t Waste Your Time With Them!

Where you didn’t have to figure out how to write, test, tweak, trick and place ads…

==> Because It’s Provided FOR YOU!

Where everyone in the program really does follow the same system…

==> Because The Program Provides An EQUAL Opportunity For Everyone!


Then, SEE FOR YOURSELF here:   <==

13. Amazing Shortcut To Fast-Track Cash On Demand!

Look… I’m a newbie and kinda lazy…

I hate admitting it, but there’s no denying the truth.

That’s why I love the fact that I can still pull in more than $253 daily working few minutes daily.

In fact, when you’ve got the Best Thing out there, it all becomes a reality. You can check it out below:

I’m still pinching myself sometimes thinking it’s a dream But it’s REAL!

This also works for anybody, regardless of your background, your experience, your financial situation, where you live, who you are – anybody can succeed with this!

Join me now… you’ll quickly see how possible this all really is.

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14. Just Unfolded – Your 2015 “16 Digit” CASH Unlocking Code!

Hi Buddy,

Here’s an interesting scenario:

Let’s suppose you have just stumbled across a special bank vault filled with a “100 million dollar”

…And the only problem is, it’s secured with a 16-digit combination lock.

In other words, there are millions of possible permutations and combinations…

But of course, only ONE is capable of cracking the vault open!

Then, let’s say I spend the next 10 years of my life trying every single combination until I hit the right one

Just Like This HERE:

Then I write the correct combination Maybe it’s

“5792 4312 6918 7254” on a piece of paper and give it to you… BINGO! There it is. And BAAM!

In a matter of less than 10 seconds, you would have reaped the benefits of 10 years of my hard work.

WELL, that’s exactly how you will FEEL when you VISIT the

link below and take radical action:

YES! you will be glad you did, Feel free to thank me later.

15. Your Search Ends Today, Because Your Success Starts HERE!

I’m tired of seeing good people throw away their money on programs that don’t work as advertised…

I believe, if I help enough people get what they want I’ll get what I want.

In order to protect my integrity and also provide you with the best possible service,

…I am currently looking for only few serious people that are willing to be better than they are today using this highly secretive proven wealth system!


I will spend my time showing you how to make more than you could ever imagine.

No hype, just fact.

Never before has it been so easy to make this much money.

I’m still pinching myself sometimes thinking it’s a dream… But it’s REAL!

And the good news: This works for anybody, regardless of your background, your experience, your financial situation, where you live, who you are – anybody can succeed with this!

If you have had enough of the insanity and really want to succeed; Then stop searching for that Next Big Thing,

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