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37-year-old wife of 90-year-King ejected from palace over alleged adultery


img_8748 Queen Okwukwe Nwoko was allegedly ejected from the palace of His Royal Majesty, Obi Agbogidi Nwoko III, of Idumuje-Ugboko Kingdom in Aniocha North LGA of Delta State, over allegation of infidelity. She was married in 2010 as the 4th wife but ended up being the only wife.

Trouble started in 2012 when members of the royal family, allegedly led by the Crown Prince, Nonso Nwoko, accused her ­of infidelity and consequently ejected her from the palace. They con­tended that the Obi was not responsible for the pregnancy that resulted in the birth of a baby girl by Okwukwe.

The girl is now three years old. Apart from that, a member of the royal family, Prince Obi Nwoko, said Okwukwe was also caught watching blue film at the palace, adding that her mind was so corrupt and, therefore, not fit to be the wife of the king.

Prince Obi added that the royal household rejected the idea of going for DNA test due to several unresolved issues. But Okwukwe stoutly denied the allegations, and maintained that she was unjustly ejected to create room for the Crown Prince to succeed his father who is still alive but in miserable condition due to lack of care.

She said not only did they chase her out of the palace, they also seized her car, carried everything from her shop and padlocked it. They blocked the joint account she was using with her husband, giving her no access to any money again. They also said nobody would help her.

And according to the law, as soon as you are married to the Obi legally, you cannot remarry. Okwukwe said when she offered to have the child undergo DNA test to ascertain her paterni­ty or she be allowed to take the traditional oath to prove her innocence, her accus­ers refused.

A community source however revealed that Okwukwe is a victim of other people’s manip­ulation. That they conspired against her because of her influence in the community. Adding that their foothold was that when she got pregnant, His Royal Majesty was too old to impregnate her and as such they concluded that she got pregnant outside the palace

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