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3 Reliable Forwarders You Can Use To Ship Your Imported Items from the US/UK to Nigeria

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How to ship your imported items from the US or the UK using MyUS, Shippyme & Shoptomydoor.


Open a premium account on which only cost $60 per year, once you sign up and receive your US address, it’s ready to use.


After the $6 premium account, MyUS will immediately begin accepting all of your merchandise. Use your MyUS address at checkout page where you enter “Shipping Address.”

Note, since not all online stores are set up in the same way, there may be more than one way to enter your billing address that is acceptable to the online stores.

For example, if you can enter your regular billing address in Nigeria, please enter that. If not accepted, try entering your MyUS address given to you when you signed up.

If either address is accepted, you can also use their “Personal Shopper” service to purchase from any US sites.

In cases of return, MyUS can assist you to return any orders in accordance with the merchant’s return policy while your order is in their warehouse.

Unless you receive the damaged goods, all shipping fees to return the order will be paid by you.

 Alternative option when online store rejects your credit card.

Some online stores do not accept credit cards or other means of payment issued outside of the U.S.

In that case, you can also use “Personal Shopper service to purchase from U.S. retailers.

With Personal Shopper, myUS purchase the merchandise for you and charge you on their platform once the order has been completed.

About Shippyme

Shippyme is a convenient and automated shipping service with a platform for creating a booking, making payment and tracking orders all from the comfort of your home!


Steps involved.

Simply tell them what you are shipping; your desired delivery method and you get your items in 5-12 days…

All you need for payment is credit card from your local bank, either Visa or Master card. You can as well pay using a Nigeria IP PayPal which is verified via your local bank ATM card.

Visit your preferred US online shop, search for your items and order with your PayPal connected to your credit card (local Visa/Master card) or via the card directly if accepted, use the USA address issued to you by “Shippyme” as your shipment destination and your packages will be delivered to shippyme warehouse in the US from where it will be forwarded to you here in Nigeria.

How to make a Booking:

Login to your Shippyme account and click the “BOOK A SHIPMENT” button. Make sure you have the details of the purchases you have made from US sites, including the delivery tracking number if the items have shipped.

  • Enter the details of the items you are shipping.
  • Select a pre-defined package that can fit your items.
  • Or enter the package dimensions.

“When Shippyme received the items you will only be fully billed for the actual weight and dimensions of the packages when they are received”.

  • Then select a delivery method and review your entries.

On the payment page, you can select the option to consolidate your items to save on shipping costs. You can also select insurance coverage for the value of your items in case of loss.

Finally, apply any existing shipping credit and or select the “bill me later” option and Shippyme will update your costs when they receive all your packages.

When and how to Pay for your Booking?

After your packages have been updated, the shippyme automated system will update your total cost and display this value for each booking in the bookings record on your user account – track shipments page.

You can click on “pay this balance” button beside the displayed balance to pay by credit card or bank deposit / wire transfer. You can also click on the “pay this balance” button on your account standing widget. However, the value in your account standing is the sum of all balances you owe.

Note. Do not pay until all the packages in your booking have been updated as received. You must pay before they deliver.

How to Track your Booking.

Email updates will be sent to you as the shipment of your packages progresses. However, you can always login to your Shippyme account and click on the “track shipments” tab to view the status and progress of each package.

About Shoptomydoor

When you sign up with Shoptomydoor, they will provide you three warehouse addresses that contain the UK, US, and China

Meaning that, you can now shop from the U.S, UK, China and the rest of the world and have your products delivered to you stress-free in Nigeria.


Below Are What You Need To Know About Shoptomydoor:

If you don’t have means of payment to the US stores, use their e-Procurement (they will shop for you).

Their personal shopper/procurement service can help you make purchases from virtually any store/company worldwide.

For purchases from US, Uk and China, simply log into your account and select the “procurement” tab. Fill in the details of what you want, and follow the link to make payment. The order will be placed with the company and delivered right to your warehouse. From there, it can be shipped by you as desired.

  • The first thing once you have signed up is to MODIFY your shipping preferences and SETTINGS. The proper setting can affect your overall shipping cost. Simply click on “Settings” and tick or untick the relevant sections.

Two key things are of interest if you want to reduce forwarding cost on this service.

  1. Removing shoes boxes can help to reduce your shipping cost as it reduces the volume weight significantly. If you don’t need the shoe boxes, we recommend you select this option.
  2. Shipping packages in original boxes is not recommended as most items come in extra-large boxes. We recommend you uncheck this box.

Select other options as desired, and if there is anything not covered, let us know under special instructions.

Always use your warehouse address given by shoptomydoor as the shipping address on any store you are shopping from.  Items will be delivered to your assigned address. Be sure your unit number is included in the address you give the stores.

Once delivered to shoptomydoor, items will reflect in your online warehouse within 24 hours, and you will receive an email alert once updated.

Log into your warehouse and you will see the shipping cost. Select your payment option, pay and items will be shipped out based on selected shipping schedule.

You are advised to use your personal phone number/email address as it is better for the merchant to call you directly if they have questions.

However, some stores may not have the option to accept your phone number. Do let them know if this occurs.

They however charge for the following:

  • The cost to deliver the items from your warehouse down to your door step.
  • Pictures or videos of your item images. This is optional and is based on your request.
  • Storage charge if items stay in their warehouse for more than 21 days. This is billed at just $0.1/Pound/Day.

Any other charges or duties as may be imposed in your final destination. However, since most purchases are for personal use, most are exempt from duty and majority of their charges are just the shipping charge.


You don’t need to do anything else; they will contact you and let you know anything once items are received.


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