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16 Years In Office: What Has Sen. David Mark Done For His Constituency? By Yemi Itodo



16 years in office: What has David Mark done for his people? (Part 1)

By Yemi Itodo

Again, I have been spurred to write! I have been sufficiently provoked in the spirit and as such, been inspired to write.

There is no other cogent time to do this than now; and like I always say, “silence is no longer golden”. All it takes for evil to succeed is for good people to do nothing and what makes lies to flourish is the absence of the truth.

It’s also very obvious that, the vast majority of the people who ask the above question on daily basis truly yearn and beg for answers – tangible and factual answers.

What has David Mark done for the people in his 16 years in office? As idyllic as the question appears and sounds, it’s gradually becoming a national anthem and I think the reasons are not farfetched.

One, it could be possible that the people don’t actually have the update of what Senator Mark has done for his constituents or some persons are actually informed but mischievously disparage it on the alter of sentiments, crass hatred and political idiocy.

A careful observation on the trend in Benue South shows that all of the above are responsible for the daily chorus of the said question which has also excalated to other parts of Nigeria and thus, has become a needless topical issue for analysis on every newspaper stand, bus stop, beer parlour and even on the matrimonial bed.

This question has become so popular that the Google and other online applications have customised it with the name, David Mark.

The peak of it was on Saturday during the APC senatorial flagoff in Otukpo when, the party Chairman mounted the podium and was like asking ‘what has David Mark done for the people in 16 years’? And his audience, greatly beneficiaries of David Mark’s achievements, was clapping and laughing.

As devilish as it may sound, amongst the crowd was a decampee, a man whom was the Chiefest Beneficiary of Senator Mark’s Political magnanimity. Through Senator David Mark, he was appointed as Minister of State for Education and when Late President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua sacked him (for reasons I won’t mention here), he ran to Senator Mark again and for his (Mark’s) passion for his people, the man was immediately appointed as Chairman, National Council for Colleges of Education NCCE.

Needless to mention here that as Minister of Education, the expectation of Benue people was for him to have transformed the Benue State Polytechnic, Ugbokolo to a Federal Polytechnic and, also as the overall Boss for the Colleges of Education in Nigeria, one expected that he should have transformed the only College of Education in Idoma land to Federal College of Education, Oju.

None of these happened and he left the office at a time the students in COE Oju were dying of cholera for lack of portable water; and it took the efforts of same Senator Mark to attract motorised borehole in COE Oju.

My dear Professor was also appointed as Special Adviser to the National Chairman of PDP on Political Affairs and was directly involved in the election that sacked GEJ and popularly de-marketed the hitherto largest party in Africa, PDP.

Also among the crowd on Saturday were 2 Ministers of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and over 15 Board Chairmen, courtesy of Senator David Mark. But none could be godly enough to stand up, grab the microphone and say ‘David Mark has done something for Idoma people’.

This is the more reason methinks, is responsible for why some Idoma elites would choose to help outsiders who would acknowledge and appreciate the gesture, even when their benefactors are not there.

These crop of elders are at the verge of shutting doors of help, compassion and mercy against the youths. Having seen the gravity of the betrayal and ineptitudeness of the supposed elders, I’m sure any Idoma guy would think twice before helping his fellow Idoma.

For the records, I shall take the pains of bringing to the knowledge of the general public, the answers that have been missing. I volunteer to abreast the public the answers to the questions they have been asking, which has inadvertently painted the Idoma land as the most unfortunate and most underdeveloped nation in comity of nations.

This I shall do in phases – The list of those whose appointments were facilitated by Senator David Mark; the Constituency and personal projects he has so far attracted to Zone C; List of Beneficiaries of David Mark Scholarship Scheme; List of employment into Federal Civil and Public Services as well as list of those he supported greatly in their elections.

In doing this, I shall seek your prayers and solidarity as I embark on this onerous task.

Today, I shall start with the list of Appointments influenced by Sen. David Mark. The list is inexhaustible and I promise to update it as I discover more names at the course of my research work.

Let it also be known that I have never in anyway benefitted anything from the Distinguished Senator and none of my family members is

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